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All About St. Gabriel Catholic School

Why choose Saint Gabriel Catholic education for your Children?  
The number one reason parents choose Saint Gabriel is because they are looking for Catholic tradition and academic excellence within a community grounded in faith.  It's important to be with God throughout the entire day and keep God in school, not just at home or when you're at church.  Children will learn to live a Christ-like life and live by the Golden Rule at Saint Gabriel; God and Jesus are referenced in all of the subjects taught.  Our students feel God's presence and accessibility throughout the entire day!  

Children who attend Catholic schools score higher on aptitude tests. 
A Catholic education means that children at Saint Gabriel will get a quality education, both in academics and faith formation.

Saint Gabriel will offer extra-curricular activities for children in all grades.  
At Saint Gabriel Catholic School, we believe extracurricular activities outside the classroom setting play an important role in enriching the academic and faith experience of our students.  Through participation, children are provided the opportunity to continue developing mind, body and spirit outside of the classroom. Extracurricular activities will also provide parents the opportunity to share their own individual time and talents as volunteers.

Saint Gabriel teachers are dedicated, caring and are educational professionals interested in your child’s social, emotional and spiritual development. 
Each teacher possesses the experience and education necessary to provide the best in quality education for the needs of each student. Saint Gabriel Catholic School is built upon the idea that education should occur in a friendly, but disciplined environment, supportive of family, country and rooted in the Catholic faith.

We will be a technologically advanced school, where tradition meets the future. 
Saint Gabriel Catholic School is committed to meeting the needs of students and staff in a world of continuous technological advancement. We foresee the implementation of a technology-rich educational environment by integrating computers and other technologies into our curriculum. Our aim is to provide students with skills needed to succeed in an increasingly complex global society.

Safety is a priority at Saint Gabriel Catholic School.
A security guard will be on the premise during the hours of operation to ensure the safety of your child, employees, volunteers and visitors.

High Behavioral Expectations. 
These days bullying, depression and self-harm seem to make the news with alarming frequency.  Saint Gabriel Catholic School exercises daily prudence in encouraging students to employ good behaviors, problem solving skills, manners and assistance in cultivating self-esteem.  This enables students to achieve positive relationships among their peers, as well as with adults, in and outside of the classroom. 

Thank you for visiting our website.  I look forward to meeting you personally. Please contact us directly at our Administrative Office at 702-487-9695.

Sincerely yours in Christ,

Fr. Marcus Gomori

(It has been said) "You have only one chance in life to make a masterpiece, so mold carefully." (By choosing a Catholic education, one can honestly say that we are witnessing the creation of true masterpieces.)