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Sandra Sirgo- Art Specialist

Peace and Joy!

My name is Ms Sirgo—your Art Teacher. I can’t wait to meet all of you.  I am a professional artist/ art teacher with many years of experience in the classroom and I am blessed to be here at St Gabriel Catholic School.  I have lived and traveled throughout the world and hope to enrich your lives as much as you will enrich mine with your experiences and perspectives.

I am a native of New Orleans who studied at LSU and moved to Ciudad Guayana, Venezuela,  by the rain forest, where I raised my two sons. I graduated from Florida International University, Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Fine Art Degree. While teaching, I continued my graduate studies and  travelled and studied with FIU in  China to finish my Master’s of Science in Art Education Degree.  I moved to Las Vegas to be near my family. I was also honored to study and work throughout Mexico as a Fulbright-Hays  Group Project Fellow while teaching here in LasVegas. I am also a PTI at UNLV.

As a professed Third Order Franciscan I work with the needy and have a great love and respect for all of God’s Creations. I have a wonderful Mother dog named Cleo who was put out on the streets of Las Vegas. She has 4 puppies who were adopted by my children and grandchildren.

My art work is prayer and an offering for world peace and my philosophy is “Art is Life and Your Life is a Work of Art!”

May the Lord bless you,

Ms Sirgo TOF