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Our Vision

WE SEE the unique characteristics and needs of each child.

WE SEE a world that is local, national, and international in scope.

WE SEE the need for excellence in communication.

WE SEE effective leadership and a vibrant community as the expression of our strength and purpose.

WE SEE the requirement for a challenging, comprehensive and relevant curriculum.

WE SEE our moral, spiritual, and ethical grounding in Jesus Christ.

WE SEE value in order, service, and purpose in life.

WE SEE ability and potential in every child.

WE SEE our role as educators as that of sacred trust in partnership with parents and guardians.

WE SEE our safe environment as key to achieving our mission.

WE SEE a productive, meaningful, and fulfilling future for each student.

WE SEE prudent management and use of our financial resources as integral to our present and future viability.

WE SEE the need for a competent, credentialed, fully invested staff and faculty.

WE SEE the importance in living and witnessing our values and beliefs.